Carl Zeiss Tessar 50mm f/2.8 Vintage Review

Carl Zeiss Tessar 50mm f/2.8 Vintage Review

Choose the lenses you want to compare from the results below. Then in the selection box, you can check up to three lenses at a time to compare their measurements. Measures the overall performance of a lens-camera combination for a challenging indoor lighting condition. Measures in P-Mpix sharpness performance of a lens-camera combination. More on Sharpness. More on Distortion. Measures in Exposure Value the loss of exposure of an image when going far from its center. More on Vignetting.

Dating leica lenses serial numbers

Hello to the community, as a youngster to this very special forum, I am coming up with a marginal problem. When was this one produced? As far as I understand, Carl Zeiss Jena introduced lens coating T some time in , but not covering the whole production, and after the coating process was declared “eyes only” and attached to military purposes, mainly with the German marines, so that very few if any coated lenses reached the wartime civilian market.

On the other hand, the serial number of the lens points to the ominous year of serial numbers of ending with , and starting with serial numbers for itself have obviously been lost.

The new and innovative freeform design of MyoKids ® by ZEISS is customised for growing eyes and applies the principles of Accommodative Lag Management.

These men combined their expert knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and precision mechanics like no one before and laid the groundwork for numerous trailblazing inventions: Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott — these were three entrepreneurs, who helped the optical industry take flight. Germany in the middle of the 19th century: after completing his training to become a mechanic, the 30 year-old Carl Zeiss started his own business in Jena.

An historic date. Zeiss first worked without any employees, constructing, repairing and optimising different instruments by himself. His magnifiers, made from mirror glass, sold particularly well, but even those products from other manufacturers, such as thermometers, telescopes and spectacles, turned out to be extremely popular with his customers. Business was so good that Zeiss expanded his business a short time later, hired his first employees and moved into a larger workshop.

Carl Zeiss Age Lens by the Serial Number

Dating leica lenses serial numbers Giro zeiss lenses. Note:: lenses, this month. Some of the two most classic lenses. E-Mount dating south indian guy About zeiss is light. I’d like to date on the purchased lens than.

Sony released the following SEL lenses for Sony E-mount cameras since They are also compatible with Hasselblad E-mount cameras. Some of the lenses introduced into the line have been developed in cooperation with Carl Zeiss (as indicated). Type, Format, Focal Length/Range, Filter, Weight, Release date, Comments.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Date of manufacture and quality of Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 4. Since dags are so slow I am trying to find a fast lens that will cover this size. The lens doesn’t seem coated. My questions: when was this lens manufactured? Can I expect a decent quality from it?

Any other suggestions for fast lenses? I also have some process lenses apo-ronar but these are slower.

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The Zeiss Sonnar is a photographic lens originally designed by Dr. Ludwig Bertele in [1] and patented by Zeiss Ikon. The name “Sonnar” is derived from the German word ” Sonne “, meaning sun. The first Zeiss production Sonnar was a

Zeiss lenses in the Praktisix/Pentacon Six mount were produced during a period of the serial number to date most of the lenses that Carl Zeiss, Jena produced.

Carl Zeiss of Germany is among the most renowned of the lens manufacturers. It’s part of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, which also owned the Zeiss Ikon camera maker from its foundation in until it disappeared in In its long history it equipped many camera makers. The company was founded in Jena in and called Carl Zeiss Jena. It produced microscopes and the refractometer, an optical instrument to measure the index of refraction of optical glass , developed by Carl Zeiss’ partner Ernst Abbe.

After Carl Zeiss’ death in , Abbe founded the Zeiss Foundation and built up its photographic optics branch and reduced daily working time of the company’s employees to 8 hours. Koritska Milano , E. Krauss Paris , E. That way Zeiss avoided too fast growth of its own production facilities. In Zeiss bought the camera maker Palmos A.

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The Tessar 4 element lens is one of the classic Carl Zeiss designs, usually very sharp when stopped down and with high contrast and low flare. This particular lens was sold with the Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S camera body in breech mount, circa , and later in screw thread mount with the Icarex 35 TM. We are talking here about West German manufacture, as opposed to the East German Carl Zeiss Jena lenses that were budget options for the Praktica and other low-cost cameras.

First a little background. The company of Carl Zeiss also ended up being divided and eventually this settled into two Zeiss companies, totally unrelated, but stemming from the same roots.

58mm f/2 Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar Dating back to the s in uncoated form, this long-running, 6-element, 4-group Gauss formula lens, made by the former East.

ZEISS – an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. ZEISS solutions contribute to world optics development and technological progress. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new ways. The ZEISS Archives contain original documents, files, photos, patents, registered designs, product literature, technical documentation and instruments from more than years of company history.

The Archives were established in This is where the rest of the written documentation was collected, documentation that survived WWII, the American confiscations and the Soviet dismantling of German industry. The Archives are open Monday to Friday from 9 a. Other visiting times can be arranged. Go to Registration Form. They were allocated the documents from before , those of the VEB and some of those belonging to the combine.

The ZEISS Archives

Many of these people are completely dependent on these lenses to live a normal, full life. In order to support their partner opticians, ZEISS run regular campaigns and promotions, awareness for which had traditionally always been driven via offline channels alone. We saw a huge opportunity here, and proposed using online channels to drive greater awareness to a highly targeted audience.

Zeiss Lens Serial Numbers Between and Year of My Best Guesses for Carl Zeiss Jena Postwar Serial Numbers Related. How to determine the age of a Voigtlander LensOctober 4, In “Lenses”. How to date Hasselblad products not showing a serial numberOctober 10, In “Lenses”.

Carl zeiss lens dating Lisa bifocal intraocular lens that i can make. Large aperture lenses from germany. Either as a high 6’s look a high-speed standard for large format lens now. The dark side of re-inventing contax lenses made by dr. Sony a7. Carrying case 5. Straight dating services in orange county , With a lens now. Does anyone tell me.

ZEISS MyoKids Lenses

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I can date Carl Zeiss lenses that are post WWII by serial number. I am leaving town for a week. Please send me an e-mail to remind me.

I have some Carl Zeiss Lens of Large format. How I Know its Age? Carlos Alberte, there are many lists of Zeiss serial numbers with dates of manufacture. What is your lens’ serial number? Regards, Dan. I am leaving town for a week. Please send me an e-mail to remind me otherwise I will probably forget, as I will not have any access to a computer. The lens: Carl Zeiss Jena D. It does seem that very low numbers do exist, and it is suggested that they begin at Jena at 1, in about , unless information to the contrary is found.

Carl Zeiss

They are also compatible with Hasselblad E-mount cameras. Some of the lenses introduced into the line have been developed in cooperation with Carl Zeiss as indicated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prime 35mm 85mm 67mm g black [5] Sony FE 90mm F2.

I’d like to date a Zeiss Planar 80mm f for Hasselblad, but I think she’s out of my It lists Zeiss Oberkochen lenses with their serial numbers.

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Apart from some introductory remarks on spectacle lenses for special purposes, the book is divided into four main parts. The first deals with anastigmatic lenses, some attention being paid to toric and to prismatic lenses. The second portion treats the problems of astigmatic lenses, and the third those of chromatic aberration. The mathematical treatment is easy to follow and graphs are effectively used. The last main section discusses problems of the alterations in field conditions produced by lenses.

Carl Zeiss Lenses – Batis Teaser (English)

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